New Event!  chicken-napped

JULY 31 - AUGUST 2, 2020

$15 per team

Breaking News: Rocky the Rooster has been Chicken-Napped!

Help! Our beloved mascot, Rocky the Rooster has been chicken-napped and is being held for ransom at an undisclosed location. The ransom is a very unique artifact that we are certain Rocky hid somewhere in Fair Oaks! Join our elite squad of investigators to find the artifact and free Rocky!

The Fine Print: Fun for all ages! Plan ahead, this investigation could take several hours and requires your investigation team to travel by vehicle and on foot. The following items will be needed to participate: cell phone to take pictures and access the internet, pen and paper, and water bottle to stay hydrated. We ask that you only participate if you are well, please maintain a safe distance between yourself and those around you.

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*Investigation can begin as early as Friday, July 31 @ 10am but must be completed by Sunday, August 2 by 6pm.

Chicken-Napped Event

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