Join Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District for a competition like no other. JIGSAW PUZZLING! The event will challenge youth, families, and adults in a competitive atmosphere to be the first to complete a 100, 300, or 500 piece puzzle and be named the Puzzlete Champion, and walk away with a prize basket valued at $100! All teams will keep their puzzle. Event will host a Puzzle Swap. Bring a gently used puzzle (make sure all pieces are there) and swap it with another.

Division Details

  • Youth Team - Up to 4 Individuals per team / Ages 8-14
    • 100 Piece Puzzle
    • Starts at 6:15pm
    • End by 7:45pm
  • Family Team - Up to 4 Individuals per team / Max 2 Adults (ages 15+)
    • 300 Piece Puzzle
    • Starts at 6:20pm
    • End by 8:20pm
  • Adult/Competitive Team - Up to 4 Individuals per team / No Age Restrictions
    • 500 Piece Puzzle
    • Starts at 6:30pm
    • Ends by 8:30pm

Registration - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - $30 Team Registration

  • Teams must sign up in advance (by August 2nd) to guarantee puzzles will arrive in time.
  • A minimum of three teams must be met in each division for that division to run.

Hints, Tips, & Tricks with a USA Jigsaw Association Teamster Zoom Call – August 12 @ 7pm (PST) - canceled

Gain an edge over your opponents! Join us for a free 45-minute Zoom call with a USA Jigsaw Association Teamster. They will share their tips, tricks, and hints, on completing jigsaw puzzles quicker! 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 834 5651 9615

Official Rules      

  • All contestants must check-in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled puzzle start time.
  • Contestants may choose their table after check-in.
  • Contest participants in each division are given identical puzzles to be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Teams are not allowed to open the box containing their puzzle to view it until instructed. The design must remain a mystery until the contest begins.
  • Official Puzzled judges will begin the competition(s) by starting a timer, at which time teams may open their puzzle.
  • Once the competition begins, tools and any potential puzzle assistance devices are not allowed. This includes spatulas, paper for moving pieces, or cell phones to photograph the box cover for additional reference.
  • Teams may not approach other teams tables or distract other teams.
  • Onlookers are not to distract teams and cannot help teams with the completion of their puzzle.
  • There are no official breaks but teams are allowed to do so as needed, the time and competition will NOT STOP.
  • Teams are limited to up to 4 team members.
  • Team members can change prior to the contest start, but once contest begins no substitutions or changes can be made.
  • Food & beverages are allowed at tables but at your own risk.
  • Noise-canceling headphones may be worn if needed for concentration, music and background activity will take place for the duration of the event.
  • The first team to successfully complete their puzzle and have it approved by the judges will win the competition.
  •  Each division has a set amount of time to complete the puzzle. In the event the time limit expires before any team has completed their puzzle, the team with the least amount of remaining “loose” pieces will determine a winner.
  • Decisions of the judges are final.
  • This is a fun & friendly competition, so please enjoy the event in the appropriate manner.

Sponsors & Prize Donors

Thank you to our official sponsor Katie Yount, State Farm 

Katie Yount

Thank you to our prize contributors:

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  1. Sabrina Bernardo

    Recreation Supervisor