Community Updates

  1. Aug. 2023

Updated 8/18/2023

Focus has shifted to the west end of the project site in order to maximize progress on parking spaces along California Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd. The District’s, and Bobo Construction’s, goal is to limit to the greatest extent possible the parking closures throughout the District. Initial grading and soil compaction has commenced in both parking areas. Trenching has begun to install utilities and site lighting in the area. Overall, grading is underway to begin the preparation for the remainder of the site improvements. Current estimations predict the re-opening of both parking areas prior to the end of the year.

On the east and south ends of the project site, site lighting, curbs, gutters and pathways have been installed successfully. The stairway up to the front entrance of the Clubhouse has been framed in and will be poured soon. On a more fun note: the embankment slide has been ordered! This slide will be installed in the hillside west of the new playground to provide more ways to play in the park. Perhaps less fun, but altogether more useful, electric vehicle charging stations have been ordered for installation throughout the site.

The Clubhouse is seeing significant progress both inside and out, with the ADA ramp leading to the front entrance taking shape, electrical work continuing on the interior, and leak mitigation efforts on the north side of the facility continuing with the application of a waterproof coating along the base of the building.

In the Amphitheatre progress continues on electrical and other utilities throughout the facility. Audio/visual equipment needs have been identified and an order has been placed for the new equipment. Siding and stucco is scheduled in the near future as well.

As a brief side-note: watering of the trees throughout the project site continues daily. Both the District and Bobo Construction recognize the importance of maintaining the health of the mature trees throughout the project site.

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