Community Updates

December 29, 2023

We’re back in the rainy season! That means we’ll be seeing more rain delays, as Bobo Construction can’t do much around the site while it’s too heavy to get heavy equipment in to work with. 

Work still continues with fire caulking, insulation, and drywall inside the new amphitheater building. Inside the Clubhouse work continues on the restroom renovations as well. Bobo is shifting work around as much as they are able so that progress continues despite the rain we’re experiencing. 

Some work has progressed on the stucco for the new Amphitheater as well, as the crew has successfully completed the brown coat which is a part of the process which is required before applying the finish coat of the stucco. 

The new hillside slide, a part of the playground on the north side of the park, will be delivered sometime on the 10th, barring any unforeseen delays. This will be installed immediately on site, though we’ll all have to wait a little bit longer before we can try it out for ourselves. 

The site has seen some important work accomplished: Bobo has been working with the Fair Oaks Water District on connecting new water lines to the park and also with Sacramento County Sewer District in order to connect waste lines as well. We’re still working towards making significant progress with SMUD . We will have to route power around the park while modifications to the aged transformer are made. This will enable a connection which supply power to the project site. This is being performed in this way so as to eliminate as much impact on the rest of the village as possible. Once that occurs, construction can really start making leaps towards getting out of the ground and showing some considerable progress on the rest of the project. 

As usual, Bobo is hard at work trying to get this project finished as soon as possible. Once the holidays are over, and the rain clears up, expect to see everyone back out on site working as hard as they can.  

construction workers pouring cement into wall supports
construction vehicle scooping dirt around a concrete wall
construction workers pouring cement