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Jim Streng Park is open to the public and ready for recreating! The grand opening of Jim Streng Park was an absolute success. The community showed up in force to make the event a truly memorable occasion. FORPD was so happy to see all of you who could attend. The monument sign is the last piece of the park that is still processing; the proof is approved and the sign should be manufactured soon. Stay tuned! 

The renovations in the village are still awaiting final approvals from the County. District staff is working as hard as they can to push this project along. FORPD is still anticipating a construction start date in early 2022. We are all incredibly excited to finally be able to break ground, but we temper that excitement with the knowledge that the pre-construction process is unavoidable. Currently, the District’s construction management firm, ICS, is pre-qualifying contractors to enable a speedier bidding process. The District is also in talks to pre-purchase the site’s playground equipment in order to battle rising costs and delays in material deliveries. 

La Vista’s lease option is still under deliberation between the two entities involved: FORPD and San Juan Unified School District. Out of sync Board schedules slows communication to a degree while both parties work towards an agreement that satisfies the community’s needs. 

Meanwhile, work is still progressing towards paving the gravel parking lot at Phoenix Park between the Community Gardens and the Phoenix Dog Park. District staff is working towards engineered drawings that can be sent to the County for permitting. 

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