Key Hunt

July 24 - 27, 2023 | All FORPD Parks

Go on an epic hunt for hidden keys for your chance to unlock a prize! The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District (FORPD) will hide over four hundred (400) keys throughout all eleven (11) FORPD parks. Three lucky keys will unlock a prize. Search often as keys will not be hidden all at once but over time.

Where & When to Find Keys

All keys (attached to a small laminated business card) will be hidden throughout Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Parks beginning July 24-27. For a list of parks click here. Keys will not be hidden in the lawn or areas that may get mowed. Example areas you may find keys: walk paths, gates, benches, signs, etc. Search often as keys will be hidden sporadically across the parks at different times.

How To Turn In Your Keys

Bring your key(s) and see if you've won, on Thursday, July 27 between the times of 7p-8:30p at Fair Oaks Park (11549 Fair Oaks Blvd.). Please, no more than 10 keys per person/family. Sorry, this will be the only date/time to test your key, if you are unable to attend yourself, we suggest asking a friend.


Clues may be posted at any time and may be found on this webpage, on our Facebook Event Page "Fair Oaks Key Hunt 2023" or on District social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, &/or Twitter.

Sponsors & Prizes

Interested in sponsoring or contributing a prize? Contact Sabrina at