Requests for Proposals /Qualifications/Bids

Periodically, the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District puts out RFPs (Requests For Proposals) or RFQs (Requests for Qualifications) for various projects. Below you will find links to any upcoming RFPs or RFQs in PDF format.

Current Requests

Request For Qualifications for Group Benefits Broker Services


*There will be a secondary park tour starting at 9am on Thursday, June 16th. District staff will meet those who still need a tour at 11549 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 in front of the building labeled 'McMillan Center.

Landscape Maintenance Services Questions & Answers

  • The front page of the RFP states proposals are due on the 5th, but the timeline states they're due on the 1st. Which is correct? 
    • Proposals are due on the 5th. 
  • Will you want us to present pricing for Plaza and Village at the time of submittal or should we leave those out to price later once construction is done? 
    • At this point, the District would like you only to be aware of the requirements at Plaza and Village; due to construction, the pricing may be left out for now and proposed once construction at the sites is complete. 
  • Will you be submitting an addendum to the pricing sheet indicating that Plaza and Village will be under construction? 
    • The District will not be issuing an addendum to address this. 
  • Can you please explain more clearly by subsection 1 and 2 of section 5, re: "payment being withheld?" 
    • Individual sites are individual parks (e.g. Little Phoenix Park is one "site"). When an area is out of compliance, District staff will measure square footage of the area failing to meet standards, notify in writing of the site being below standards, and then withhold a percentage of the overall site's payment in based on the ratio of square footage of below standard area to total site square footage (if not corrected within two business days of notification). 
  • Will the District please confirm how many copies of the costing proposal are required? 
    • All documents (e.g., Attachment H and I) must be included as part of the proposal; four copies of the proposal must be submitted. The total annual fee (four copies) must be submitted in a separate envelope from the rest of the proposal documents. 
  • Will the District please confirm the deadline for attachment H "Contractor Questionnaire?"  
    • The Contractor Questionnaire should be submitted at the same time as the rest of the proposal - July 5th. 
  • Is glyphosate use allowed as part of this contract? 
    • The District currently does not have any policies in effect which prohibit the use of glyphosate products within our managed properties; however, no pesticides/herbicides shall be used within or near the Vernal Pools at Phoenix Park. 
  • What in the District is considered a "native" area? 
    • Any area that is not turfed, irrigated, planted, hardscape, or playgrounds. An example of this are the areas of native grasses throughout Gum Ranch Park under the oak trees. 
  • When not actively mowing a site (e.g., high-weed mow areas during dormant periods) are crews required to remove trash from the area? 
    • No, contracted landscaping crews are only required to remove litter when actively working in an area. 
  • Will the District set no-water days to align with mowing schedules? 
    • Yes. Watering schedules will be aligned with landscaping schedules. If there are changes to the landscaping schedule it is the contractor's responsibility to notify the Park & Facilities Manager as soon as possible so that watering can be adjusted as necessary. 
  • Do we need to pick up all dog poop in the dog park? 
    • It is the responsibility of dog park patrons to pick up after their own animals; however, if some is missed then removal by landscaping crews would be part of their overall duties. 
  • Is the District only considering lowest cost when choosing a proposal? 
    • The District will base its choice on the following: demonstrated qualifications and resources to competently and timely perform the work, firm and principal staff reputation in the community, quality of references, location of the firm's nearest office that would service the work, and proposal price and fees. 
  • Would it be allowable to sub-contract a sweeper service for parking lot litter/debris removal and have them operate at night? 
    • The District is open to this concept if it would allow for better service throughout the parks. 
  • What was the last awarded contract winning bid amount?
    • The last contract was awarded in 2019 and was for an annual cost of $234,520.68
  • In Attachment H, under “I. Experience”, Question 2 asks for Name of project representative, phone number and email address. Does the District want our company’s project representative at the customer location or does the District want the customer project representative?
    • The District is seeking the customer's project representative so as to inquire about customer satisfaction with contractor's service levels.
  • Would the District be open to a clause in future contracts that would allow for minor price increases in order to combat rising costs associated with inflation, etc.
    • The District deems this to be fairly common practice and is open to the concept as a negotiable aspect of any future contracts.