Don Ralls Memorial Scholarship

The Board of Directors established an annual "Don Ralls Memorial Scholarship Fund" in January of 1999 when then District Board Member Don Ralls passed away due to Cancer. Mr. Ralls served as a Board Member for six years and was known for supporting children's programs (especially youth drama).

This scholarship is available for youth and seniors of the Fair Oaks area. This program is available on a case-by-case basis. Eligible participants will received up to 80% of fees covered on one District program upon the approved completion of an application and all appropriate criteria. The benefit is limited to one scholarship per person/per registration period. Please note that funds are limited.

The District reserves the right to limit the eligibility of programs. For more information contact Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District at 916-966-1036.

Apply for the Scholarship Below!

Don Ralls Scholarship Application


  1. 1. Don Ralls Application
  2. 2. Class information
  • Don Ralls Application

    1. Head of household requesting assistance
    2. Please fill in all the information below for each household member even if they will not be registering for a class this term.
    3. Information is collected to report to funders on the diversity of recipients and programs they participate in. It may be used for grants applications and to highlight the need for additional support of the program. Individual/family information is not released.
    4. Income verification

      You must attach paperwork which validates your income, i.e. 1040 tax form from the most recent year (plus current pay stub and child support income) or TANF/SSI Statement (no additional pay stub is required). If you have a complete lack of income, no address or other special circumstance, please describe your situation on a separate piece of paper.

    5. I understand that by signing this form, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature and I consent to be legally bound to this agreement. I further agree my signature on this document is as valid as if I signed the document in writing. This is to be used in conjunction with the use of electronic signatures on all forms regarding any and all future documentation with a signature requirement, should I elect to have signed electronically. 

    1. Nick Davison

      Recreation Manager