Smoke, Vape & Tobacco Free Parks

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Board of Directors adopted a new policy on October 17th, 2018 designating all District parks and facilities Smoke, Vape & Tobacco Free to provide a healthy, family-friendly, and clean environment for residents and visitors. The Smoke, Vape & Tobacco Free Parks & Facilities will reduce tobacco & vape waste, lower the risk of fires, and limit public exposure to secondhand smoke. Smoke, Tobacco & Vape products of any kind are prohibited in all Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Parks and Facilities. Citations will be issued by the Fulton El Camino Park Police Department

In addition to the policy, all state laws regarding smoking, including the prohibition against smoking in places of employment is in effect. Smoking is defined to include tobacco, marijuana, and electronic vaping devices.

Smoke, Vape & Tobacco Free Policy