Social Media Policy

Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Social Media Policy and Disclaimer 

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District (FORPD) and its associated social media pages are utilized to serve as a limited public forum of communication and transparency between the District and the community.  FORPD encourages meaningful dialogue and communication between members of the public regarding its parks, events, classes and programs while ensuring that conversation positively reflects the mission and values of FORPD.  The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District requires that the following policy be upheld in its online methods of communication and interactions.

FORPD reserves the right to remove, hide, or limit the following types of posts:

  • Posts that incite or encourage illegal activity (i.e. violence, hate crimes, drugs, etc.)
  • Obscene or profane posts
  • Posts that promote any kind of discrimination (ethnicity, gender, age, looks, ability, etc.)
  • Libelous, threatening, or defamatory posts
  • Posts that promote or oppose any political candidates or ballot propositions
  • Posts that violate copyright and trademarks
  • Posts that compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  • Solicitations of Commerce
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party
  • FORPD reserves the right to hide, report, or block any comments, pages, or people that violate our social media policy, mission, values, or Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  FORPD reserves the right to amend their Social Media Policy at any time.

FORPD may not always have the ability to view or respond to social media activity outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM).

District Social Media Accounts

Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District currently oversees the following social media accounts/pages:

Facebook: Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District, Fair Oaks Chicken Festival, Fair Oaks Concerts in the Park, Rocky Rooster, Christmas in Fair Oaks, Christmas in the Village (joint with Fair Oaks Chamber),  Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse, Fair Oaks Park, Fair Oaks Plaza Park, Bannister Park, McMillan Center, Montview Park, Miller Park, Little Phoenix Park, Vintage Woods Park, Village Hall, & Madison Place Park

Twitter: Fair Oaks Rec & Park, Phoenix Dog Park, & Miller Park Tennis Courts

Instagram: @forpd, @instafoyab

All other pages not listed above are not owned or overseen by FORPD and may not necessarily reflect the values and mission of FORPD. Posts on these pages cannot be influenced or monitored by the District, and may not include accurate or valid information.