Vernal Pools

The Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District is very proud of the Phoenix Park Vernal Pools, a National Natural Landmark.  See the pools in bloom from March - May.  Learn more about Vernal Pools and their unique ecosystems by visiting the  Sacramento Splash website!

Facts About the Vernal Pools

  • Vernal Pools have three phases: Wet, Flowering, and Dry
    • The Wet Phase takes place from November - March
    • The Flowering Phase takes place from April - May
    • The Dry Phase takes place from June - October
  • It is important to protect the ecosystem of the Vernal Pools.  Be sure to stay on the trail, do not walk pets in the area, and avoid stepping on outside areas of the path.
  • Preserve the beauty of the wildlife by leaving all pollinators and other species as they are.

View the Vernal Pools Brochure Here

View the Vernal Pools Composite Poster Here

*Information sourced from Sacramento Splash website

Yellow Flowers
Purple Flowers
Wild Turkeys in a Field
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